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Specialty Programs


Wellness 4 Later Life

Later life – The right time to live well.

All Everbrook communities offer residents a truly innovative wellness model called Wellness 4 Later Life™. This model embodies seven dimensions of wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, vocational, and environmental, but modified to suit the needs of persons in a later stage of life. Our cutting-edge exercise program is led by a certified exercise physiologist, or EP, who delivers evidence-based, safe and fun exercises fit for older adults.

The EP conducts functional fitness testing for each resident and devises exercises tailored to their unique health situations, measuring progress periodically. The EP will also work in close cooperation with a physical, occupational, or speech therapist who may be called upon to treat a resident and under the direct supervision of the Director of Nurses for the community, to ensure that residents are maximizing their physical function in a safe and effective manner. The goal of our exercise program is to help residents make improvements in functional fitness such as climbing stairs, getting from a sitting to standing position, or improving balance using less exertion, to preserve independence as long as possible.

Life-Enrichment Activities Program

Independent Living at Everbrook Communities

Wellness 4 Later Life also includes its signature Life-Enrichment Activities Program, LEAP, which is as much a philosophy as a structured program. In LEAP, our staff will meet with our Resident Council and proposes a variety of activities proven effective at enhancing well-being in each of the dimensions of wellness. Residents with guidance from staff will plan both the customary fun activities such as Bingo, as well as activities which are designed for therapeutic effects, such as performing brain teaser activities to build cognitive health, prayer, and meditation to fulfill spiritual needs, lectures or a book club to challenge intellectually, or arts classes to stimulate emotional health. Residents may also receive help altering diets to address nutritional needs. Our staff works diligently to introduce research-based activities proven to help enhance the well-being of older adults but it is our residents who will ultimately choose the level of participation they prefer.


LEAP is adapted to address stages of memory loss.

Wellness 4 Later Life is adapted to suit residents who live with some level of memory loss from mild cognitive impairment to more significant memory loss. The Egis neighborhood employs a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner to direct our Supportive Life-Enrichment Activities Program, LEAP, which is tailored to residents with memory loss, whether they live in the Egis or within our community at large. The Egis Activity Program embodies and mixes the philosophies of Habilitation Therapy, Errorless Learning, and Montessori-based learning methods to reduce skill and comprehension demands, making it easier for residents with memory impairment to perform activities they enjoy. Our staff is well-trained to deliver stage-appropriate activities that are matched to a resident’s remaining functional and cognitive abilities, within an enriched social environment, using adaptive methods of communication to evoke and sustain a positive emotion throughout the day.


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