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Personal Care Services

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The Everbrook Assisted Living Services Program

Continuum of care options for residents.

Our Assisted Living Services Program is offered to residents living in private apartments and within the Egis to support and preserve independence and enhance quality of life. Our mission is to help residents get the most out of their function and health so they can continue to live and thrive in their later years.

Assisted Living Program

Each state is responsible to regulate the the scope of assisted living services to be delivered to residents. In Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine, assisted living residences are regulated by the health agency while in Massachusetts, the Executive Office of Elder Affairs certifies assisted living residences.

As such, the ability of the nursing departments at Everbrook communities to provide all the care and services residents need will depend on the form of license or certification issued by the state.

Generally, all assisted living residences perform an assessment that drives development of a service plan that scopes out all the personal care and nursing oversight to be delivered to residents. All Everbrook Senior Living communities assist with medication self-administration and will endeavor to have appropriate staff available to administer medications to residents.

All Everbrook communities offer tiered care levels so residents can receive the right amount of care given their health status. The cost for each care level is calculated based on the amount of resources and complexity of services expected to be utilized during encounters, including direct-care staff-time such as assistance, indirect-staff-time such as managing a care plan, and overhead. Included within each level of care is our base-level medication management plan that permits delegation of certain aspects of medication management to qualified assistants who assist with self-administration of routine medications, that is medication regimens which have low risk of adverse consequence if taken incorrectly and through pathways within which unlicensed staff are competent to assist. Assistance with complex medication regimens will be performed by licensed nursing staff at a higher cost as set forth in the levels of medication management segment of the matrix.

Supportive Assisted Living Services within the Egis Neighborhood

Egis Memory Support Neighborhood offers assistance with daily living activities as described in detail in the assisted living insert, plus enhanced support to residents as they perform daily living activities. Egis is a secured area accessed only through controlled doors. Residents are offered a studio apartment with private bath, separate common area activity, dining space, and secured outdoor recreational spaces.

In the EGIS, our cutting-edge enrichment program embodies and mixes the philosophies of Habilitation Therapy, Errorless Learning, and Montessori-based learning methods.

egis logoA Certified Dementia Care Practitioner leads a professional staff who are well-trained to help residents live and thrive with memory impairment. Our unique Enrichment Program introduces stage-appropriate activities matched to remaining functional and cognitive abilities, an enriched social environment, and effective methods of communication, the goal being, to evoke and sustain in residents a positive emotion throughout a day. Care is offered at an all-inclusive fee structure, except for levels of service which requires two-person care or around-the-clock supervision, which will result in additional costs.

Crossroads. The perfect bridge to the EGIS Neighborhood.

Everbrook communities offer residents with early or milder dementia an opportunity to remain in traditional assisted living, and in some cases independent living, for longer. Because Everbrook Senior Living leadership encourages its staff to do more to preserve residents independence for longer, we brainstormed a way to leverage technology – utilizing a wireless device called Wander Guard – to prevent certain residents from unsafely wandering off, and we customized our signature activities program Wellness 4 Later LifeTM to be more suitable to persons with milder dementia so residents can live and thrive outside of the EGIS secured neighborhood.

egis logoWe now have a solution in Crossroads that gives residents the freedom to safely do the things they want, and a structured program that prevents self-isolating behavior while ensuring that residents with milder dementia can socialize with similarly situated residents who all work together to bring purpose to living.

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