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Personal Care Services


The Everbrook Assisted Living Services Program

Continuum of care options for residents.

Our Assisted Living Services Program is offered to residents living in private apartments and within the Egis to support and preserve independence and enhance quality of life. Our mission is to help residents get the most out of their function and health so they can continue to live and thrive in their later years.

Assisted Living Program

In Connecticut, community assisted living services are regulated by the Department of Public Health, which allows for more intense nursing oversight. In our Connecticut communities residents receive a comprehensive assessment by a nurse who recognizes areas of need for assistive care and services that would help optimize function, health, and quality of life (In Massachusetts, assisted living services are regulated by the Office of Elder Affairs, which allows less intense nursing oversight). In Connecticut communities assisted living services are offered to residents on an as-needed basis with 24/7 nurse monitoring of delivery of personal care services, medication administration and nursing. In Massachusetts, communities assisted living services are offered to residents and limited medication administration but more limited nursing.

To better meet the needs of all residents, we offer a limited assistive care plan to support residents who remain mostly independent as an interim step to transitioning onto an assisted living plan. (In Massachusetts, Transitions2-CARE programming is delivered if appropriate upon request of a resident).

Residents who are able to keep-up with most self-care responsibilities but pose some risks and vulnerabilities to accident, injury, illness or self-neglect if left fully alone, may enroll into our Transitions-2 CARE program. Residents receive the full spectrum of nursing oversight particularly assistance with self-administration of medications and regular monitoring within their private apartments. Transitions-2 CARE PLUS adds supervision and assistance with showering, personal-laundry, and help in response to unexpected episodes such as a toileting mishap.

We offer five (5) separate levels of care so residents receive the right amount of care given their health status. The cost for each care level is calculated based on the amount of resources and complexity of services expected to be utilized during encounters, including direct-care staff-time such as assistance, indirect-staff-time such as managing a care plan, and overhead. Included within each level of care is our base-level medication management plan that permits delegation of certain aspects of medication management to qualified assistants who assist with self-administration of routine medications, that is medication regimens which have low risk of adverse consequence if taken incorrectly and through pathways within which unlicensed staff are competent to assist. Assistance with complex medication regimens will be performed by licensed nursing staff at a higher cost as set forth in the levels of medication management segment of the matrix.

Supportive Assisted Living Services within the Egis Neighborhood

Supportive Assisted Living Services are provided in the Egis Memory Support Neighborhood but modified to address the impacts of memory loss. Egis assisted living services are included in the Egis residency fees up to level 4 in our Connecticut communities, including personal laundry, medication management through level 1, as well as nursing oversight and personal care services as described through level 3, at which point an additional cost is incurred to continue the residency.

egis logoAll Supportive Assisted Living Services are to be delivered in a resident-centric manner, that is, at a pace and quality of interaction dictated by the resident. If there is a concern for the cost of care, residents may request to have services delivered with an aim to increase efficiency so as not to be at a higher level of care.


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